RAPID 3DSHIELD Tungsten 3D Printing Filament

The Easy to Use 3D Printable Radiation Shield That Makes Everyone an Expert!

Rapid 3D Shield is a nontoxic 3D printing material with the highest density of ANY 3D printing filament you can buy.

Parts come off of any common 3D printer with Shielding properties similar to LEAD!

3D Printable Radiation Shielding
3D Printable Radiation Shielding – CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

Rapid 3D Shield Tungsten Filament is ideally suited for any application requiring a lot of mass in a small space.

3D Printed radiation shielding applications of all kinds, including: X Ray • Medical • Security • NDT • XRF • Military • Power Generation • More

Rapid 3DShield is well suited for for a wide variety of radiation shielding and other high-density applications such as counter weight, anti-vibration, munitions, frangible projectiles, nuclear power plant safety accessories. Rapid 3DShield can be printed on a traditional 3D printer using common hardened steel nozzles. Rapid 3D Shield high density filament uses high quality tungsten to reach these unprecedented levels of density in a 3d printing filament.

To purchase Rapid 3DShield radiation shielding products and materials, call +1 (608) 509-7146, email or CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

Rapid 3D Shield is a Joint Venture of The Virtual Foundry, inc. and Vulcan GMS

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